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10 Responses to non_member

  1. Stephanie Edwards says:

    I am looking forward to becoming a member, it is refreshing to know that I am not the only one that feels strongly about rejecting religion. I hope to gain information and in turn, be able to provide resources to contribute to this cause.

    • ray0992 says:

      We greatly appreciate the support! We are still in the process of building this site.

      You are certainly not alone!! There are thousands of black atheists. We hope to bring them together. We post many of our events on Facebook.

      Thank you again!

  2. ruth atkins says:

    i’m not the only one?

  3. Charles Wilson says:

    i posted a comment and now its not there….wassup with that?

  4. Cook Wayne says:

    As a person with a deep concern for empowerment & betterment of the black community, I too, very much so, seek to “bridge the gap”. I seek out the tools, encouragement & guidance to initiate/participate in the movement of education & awareness in the black community. Particularly in the Compton, Watts & South Central L.A. Area. But not excluding all of Los Angeles County, California & further more, the world. As for now, starting in Compton is just fine with me.

  5. richard wright says:

    A political prisoner.I came in chains.stole my history and stole my name.dropped me in a ghetto life full of pain.if I were weak I’d be insane.but ill maintain , use my brain, still a deep dark shadow standing in the rain.ill be humble I wont be one realy cae es so why complain.back against the wall I choose to brawl, its my turn I got he ball I would wrather die before I crawl.last of the runaway slaves yes people need to open up our eyes and .500 years and we still aint free , im killing you and your killing me , and its not the way its supposed to be.

  6. Elizabeth Miller says:

    Hi everyone. I am a black female Humanist living in NC, a triple minority. I was raised a Christian and went to Sunday school every Sunday as a little girl. But I also had a fascination with Astronomy and Paleontology. I would simply use my imagination and assume Adam and Eve came after the dinosaurs and that God created the Big Bang. But my curious young mind wanted more answers. If God created the universe then who created God? In high school my History classes taught be about the origin of Christianity and other religions. Now at 24 after putting the pieces together, I’ve become a Humanist, and I don’t see Christianity any differently than Greek mythology.

    Since I live in the Bible Belt, it’s hard to not feel emotionally bullied into pretending I believe in the sexist, illogical dogma that is religion. Being a black female in the South everyone assumes that I am Christian. My family and friends don’t know I’m an Atheist and equate not believe in God to being evil/immoral. I don’t know if I am ready to come out yet but I’m glad I’m not alone. When I’m ready though my first step will be to escape from the Bible Belt. Then the next step, my Facebook profile will say under Beliefs: Humanism. Then finally when someone asks, what are you’re beliefs? I will be able to say I’m an Atheist. Hopefully I’ll get there one day. Pray for me. *lol just kidding*

  7. chance hitt says:

    Can across this site after searching for black atheist on the web.
    I became a athiest as a child around age 6 or 7 before I Even knew the meaning of the word.
    At 52
    It’s been a long hard and lonely journey and it does not look to get any better but then you don’t choose life it choose’s you ,you try and figure it out and then you die.

  8. chance hitt says:

    But I look forward to athiest comments and discussions ,life does have its pleasures or I’d have checked out long ago.

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